Play TicTacToe Online in your browser, from every device. Made with NodeJs/ and HTML5/CSS3/JS
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Play it here:

#What is this?

This is a multiplayer version of TicTacToe that I made to learn about NodeJs/ which allow really easy and powerful realtime communication. It is also an attempt to use Google Material Design.

I also got a bit more confident with Heroku while makin this since I had to learn how to host a Node App in the Heroku Cloud.

Two users need to connect to the same roome to be able to to play together. If you don't have someone to play with just open a new tab in your browser and join the same room you joined in the main tab.

Everything was done in a bit of a rush in about two maybe three weeks, I did not use git in the beginning as you can see from the commit history but I had to use it to release it on here and to host it on Heroku.

##What is working? You can play TicTacToe with no problems, you can't cheat because everything is server side.

##What is not working? I have to fix what happens if someone leaves a room while playing, right now the game will still continue and not pause / restart. The code is a bit messy but I hope you can understand everthing.

#Run it locallly!

Just have Node installed as well as the packages specified as dependencies in "package.json" then run

node app.js