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Simple, useful and opinionated config loader.


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Simple, useful and opinionated config loader.


There are many solutions regarding configuration loading in Go. I was looking for a simple loader that is as easy to use and understand as possible. The goal was to load config from 4 places: defaults (in the code), files, environment variables, command-line flags. This library works with all of these sources.


  • Simple API.
  • Clean and tested code.
  • Automatic fields mapping.
  • Supports different sources:
    • defaults in the code
    • files (JSON, YAML, TOML, DotENV, HCL)
    • environment variables
    • command-line flags
  • Dependency-free (file parsers are optional).
  • Ability to walk over configuration fields.


Go version 1.14+

go get


type MyConfig struct {
	Port int `default:"1111" usage:"just give a number"`
	Auth struct {
		User string `required:"true"`
		Pass string `required:"true"`
	Pass string `default:"" env:"SECRET" flag:"sec_ret"`

var cfg MyConfig
loader := aconfig.LoaderFor(&cfg, aconfig.Config{
	// feel free to skip some steps :)
	// SkipDefaults: true,
	// SkipFiles:    true,
	// SkipEnv:      true,
	// SkipFlags:    true,
	EnvPrefix:       "APP",
	FlagPrefix:      "app",
	Files:           []string{"/var/opt/myapp/config.json", "ouch.yaml"},
	FileDecoders: map[string]aconfig.FileDecoder{
		// from `aconfigyaml` submodule
		// see submodules in repo for more formats
		".yaml": aconfigyaml.New(),

// IMPORTANT: define your own flags with `flagSet`
flagSet := loader.Flags()

if err := loader.Load(); err != nil {

// configuration fields will be loaded from (in order):
// 1. defaults set in structure tags (see MyConfig defenition)
// 2. loaded from files `file.json` if not `ouch.yaml` will be used
// 3. from corresponding environment variables with the prefix `APP_`
// 4. command-line flags with the prefix `app.` if they are

Also see examples: examples_test.go.

Integration with spf13/cobra playground.


See these docs.


MIT License.