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KDE plasmoid for playing DVB-T/DAB-T using mplayer and a DVB tunner device
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DVB-T/DAB-T player


This simple KDE plasmoid uses mplayer in order to play digital content from a DVB-T tunner. It is written in C++ and Qt/QML.

DVB Player Screenshot

The channels are read from /etc/mplayer/channels.conf file that must be generated using DVB-T scanner utility. Double click a channel name on the list to start playing, double click again to stop playing. mplayer is started with the following arguments:

mplayer -ao sdl dvb://"channel name"

Plugin Compilation and Installation

A QML plugin (shared library) is needed in order to control mplayer process and read the channel configuration file. From the main directory of the project:

cd plugins
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

Plasmoid Package Creation and Installation

In order to install the plasmoid in the local kde folder, from the main directory of the project:

cd plasmoid
zip -r ../dvbplayer.plasmoid .
cd ..
plasmapkg -i dvbplayer.plasmoid
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