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State Transition Plugin for Phaser

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Currently the switch between states is really static and a game should be able to transition between states. Therefore, this plugin does exactly that: draws the into a renderTexture which is rendered on a sprite, and finally it's tweening that sprite.

Transition Examples

How to use it

You have several options here including es6 imports.


npm install phaser-state-transition --save

And then import it in your project

import "phaser-state-transition";

The plugin needs the Phaser framework to work, therefore you should make sure that this is included before the plugin's import.

Straight but nor recommended

Just download the dist/phaser-state-transition.umd.js file and you're done, but this is not the recommended way. You should use it via npm. You have better control on what version you're keeping locally.


The easiest way to use it, is by just passing a transition for entering.

import { createTransition } from "phaser-state-transition";

const EnteringTransition = createTransition({
    props: {
        x: game => game.width

game.state.start("stateName", EnteringTransition);

The transition options to pass in are basically just some instructions for the plugin, to handle the how of the transition. You'll find there are other properties inside, like ease, duration and other properties that are not that important to have nice transitions.



The plugin class. Normally you should not work on this class, but you could extend it if needed. The plugin does not need a class to be working.


This helper function, generates a transition object to be passed along the game.state.start method.

The default duration would be 500ms and the ease function Phaser.Easing.Exponential.InOut

  • @param {object} options The options to create a transition object
  • @returns {object} The transition object to be passed along the game.start.state


If there's something you think it could be improved let me know, or create a pr.