Nyan Cat made with HTML5+CSS3+JavaScript
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Nyan Cat


Nyan Cat made with HTML5+CSS3 (and JavaScript :T).


  1. My main goal with this project is to recreate the Nyan Cat we love using nothing but HTML and CSS3 (HTML5 audio for the background music). 2. JavaScript is used with jQuery lib mainly to cycle element classes and duplicate some stuff in order to cover the entire screen. (-not anymore)
  2. Must be responsive.
  3. Must look exactly like the original Nyan Cat.

To Do List:

  • Fix rainow glitch on various resolutions
  • Add song (with loop)
  • Improve Performance
  • Find a way to verticaly replicate sparks without using JS
  • Remove JS Sparks Combos (repeat and left movement)
  • Remove JS Sparks
  • Remove JS Rainbow
  • Remove JS Nyan Cat
  • Add parallax effect to the sparks (this will be awesome! :D)