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Basic Starter theme - HTML5

This basic starter theme is an html5 version of my original basic starter theme. 
It's exactly the same as the original but html5 ready.

The basic theme was started 4 years ago with a now retired theme call by fSpring widgets by Fredrik Fahlstad.
At the time, Kubrick was very popular but I felt it just contained too much junk.
Using the fSpring widgets theme, I cleaned it up and created a basic starter theme to use for all of my custom themes.

With the release of Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten, Sandbox, Joachim Kudish, Devin Price's Portfolio theme, Michael Fields Ghostbird and Elliot Jay Stocks, Starkers, I've had the chance to look at how things are now done and I've refined my theme and improved it immensely.



Just like the original version, this theme is devoid of design elements and so won't look that great out of the box.
It's also missing some recommended features which would be needed if you wanted to release a theme in the WordPress repository.

For example - my theme does not have comments on pages. I've never coded a site that needs them and so just don't have them in there.
I also don't have the code required doe custom background and colours. I'd rather have control of the design, thank you very much.
The theme doesn't have attachment or links templates... Again, I've never had a need for those.

If you want to create a simple custom theme, this might be the theme for you.
So check it out.

You can check out a demo of the theme here.


To install upload Basic to your /wp-content/themes directory. Change theme folder name as appropriate as well as theme attribution and title in the CSS file.


You are free to use this theme for any personal or commercial project with no attribution. 
You are free to modify the theme for clients or stock themes and distribute the derivative work. 
Do not distribute the theme as is as your own. 
Link back to original post at if you would like to 'distribute' the theme.

Of course a link to my site is always appreciated.

--Christine Rondeau