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Automated WebSocket & WAMP protocol Testsuite
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The Autobahn|Testsuite provides a fully automated test suite to verify client and server implementations of The WebSocket Protocol for specification conformance and implementation robustness.

Autobahn|Testsuite also provides a couple of other tools useful for WebSocket (and WAMP) implementors and developers.

Test Suite Coverage

The test suite will check an implementation by doing basic WebSocket conversations, extensive protocol compliance verification and performance and limits testing.

Autobahn|Testsuite is used across the industry and contains over 500 test cases covering

  • Framing
  • Pings/Pongs
  • Reserved Bits
  • Opcodes
  • Fragmentation
  • UTF-8 Handling
  • Limits/Performance
  • Closing Handshake
  • Opening Handshake (under development)
  • WebSocket compression (permessage-deflate extension)

Other Tools

Besides the automated testsuite (aka "fuzzing" server/client), wstest also includes a number of other handy modes:

  • WebSocket echo server and client
  • WebSocket broadcast server (and client driver)
  • Testee modes to test AutobahnPython against the test suite
  • wsperf controller and master (see below for more)
  • WAMP server and client, for developing WAMP implementations
  • WebSocket Mass-Connect

More Information

For more information take a look at the project documentation. This provides:

Get in Touch

Get in touch on IRC #autobahn on or join the mailing list.

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