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This is a theme I’ve made for Colloquy, an irc client for Mac OS X. I’m on Campfire a lot lately, and I really like the beautiful inerface, so I’ve tried to copy it as much as possible.
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Campfire Theme for Colloquy

Colloquy theme modeled after Campfire chat.

Colloquy Campfire Theme


Quick Install

In Terminal:

curl -L | bash

Restart Colloquy.

Manual Install

In Terminal:

mkdir ~/Library/Application\ Support/Colloquy/Repositories
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Colloquy/Repositories
git clone
ln -s ../Repositories/campfire-theme-for-colloquy/Campfire.colloquyStyle ../Styles/Campfire.colloquyStyle

Restart Colloquy.


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