A web runtime built on Chrome. This project is currently unmaintained.
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tools: Disable gclient syntax validation when fetching dependencies.
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application Roll Chromium 53.0.2785.143 Oct 17, 2016
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dotnet [Windows] Add binary data transfer from .net extensions. Dec 13, 2016
experimental gn: Add support for Windows Sep 30, 2016
extensions [Windows] Fix .net extension unittests Dec 19, 2016
resources gn: Unify packing of xwalk{_100_percent}.pak into a single target Sep 12, 2016
runtime Fix: Unexpected os.arch: armv8l Jan 18, 2017
sysapps Import ffmpeg_options.gni in more locations Oct 21, 2016
test [Android] Fixed test errors Nov 2, 2016
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gyp_xwalk Roll Chromium 53.0.2785.143 Oct 17, 2016
gyp_xwalk.py Bump version to Nov 19, 2013
xwalk.gyp [Android] Remove xwalk_download_resource_throttle.* Oct 6, 2016
xwalk_android.gypi gn: Add more dependencies to the xwalk_core_reflection_layer_gen target Oct 13, 2016
xwalk_android_app.gypi [Android] Rewrite generate_app_packaging_tool.py Sep 20, 2016
xwalk_android_tests.gypi [Android] Add XWalkViewAsynchronousApisTest referring to upstream's Oct 13, 2016
xwalk_core_library_android.gypi Merge pull request #3909 from rakuco/strip-lib-dependency-regression Sep 22, 2016
xwalk_installer.gypi Stop referencing ffmpegsumo and fix usage of libffpeg.so. Jul 17, 2015
xwalk_jsapi.gypi Move to Chromium 38.0.2125.34, the first M38 beta release. Sep 2, 2014
xwalk_tests.gypi [Windows] Fix notifications on Windows. Apr 27, 2016
xwalk_win_zip.gypi gn: Add support for Windows Sep 30, 2016



Crosswalk is an app runtime based on Chromium/Blink.

It is an open source project started by the Intel Open Source Technology Center (http://www.01.org)

As of February 2017, Crosswalk is not being developed anymore. The last Crosswalk relase is 23.


Check out our wiki.


How to use Crosswalk you can ask on the mailing list: https://lists.crosswalk-project.org/mailman/listinfo/crosswalk-help

Development of Crosswalk: https://lists.crosswalk-project.org/mailman/listinfo/crosswalk-dev

We are also on IRC: #crosswalk @ chat.freenode.net


Crosswalk's code uses the 3-clause BSD license, see our LICENSE file.