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Mountable Engine to set up a Crowdfunding app. Uses Amazon Simplepay to collect payments.
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Build Status

Mountable Engine to set up a Crowdfunding app. Uses Amazon Simplepay to collect payments.

Please, refer to the wiki for guidance on how to get an Amazon AWS account.

You can see an example implementation on this Rails app source code.


  • Rails 3.2+



gem 'fundraiser', '1.0.0.beta'



Copy migrations from Fundraiser

rake fundraiser:install:migrations

Run them

rake db:migrate

Mount the engine on routes.rb

Rails.application.routes.draw do
  mount Fundraiser::Engine => "/fundraiser"



To authenticate using devise, simply install it and create a User model. It should run out of the box.


gem 'devise'


rails generate devise user

rake db:migrate


Use the console to create your first user and browse to /manage

Log in and enjoy.

About the author

Crowd Interactive is a leading Ruby and Rails consultancy firm based in Mexico currently doing business with startups in the United States. We specialize in building and growing your existing development team, by adding engineers onsite or offsite. We pick our clients carefully, as we only work with companies we believe in. Find out more about us on our website.


MIT License. Copyright 2012 Crowd Interactive.

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