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Crownstone: Your Presence Makes a Difference

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Crownstone brings to market smart home and smart building software and hardware. Here at GitHub you can find for example the open-source firmare that runs on small modules that can be built into power outlets or can be put behind light fixtures. These can not just dim LEDs, but even perform indoor localization.


  1. bluenet Public

    Bluenet is the in-house firmware on Crownstone hardware. Functions: switching, dimming, energy monitoring, presence detection, indoor localization, switchcraft.

    C++ 86 60

  2. Crownstone Cloud Service. Particular parts of Crownstone data (depending on user preferences) can be stored online. This makes it possible to remotely control devices, share your presence with frie…

    JavaScript 3 4

  3. Mobile app for the Crownstone (Android & iOS). The apps are freely available from Google and Apple app stores. The code is based on React Native.

    TypeScript 15 13

  4. Crownstone SDK (Software Development Kit) with references to the Crownstone REST API, the smartphone libs and apps, and the Crownstone bluenet firmware.

    JavaScript 4

  5. Crownstone lib for iOS written in Swift to interface with Crownstone devices that run the bluenet firmware.

    Swift 5 4

  6. Crownstone lib for Android written in Kotlin to interface with Crownstone devices that run the bluenet firmware.

    Kotlin 2


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