WordPress plugin with customizations to enhance/extend the already awesome Query Monitor plugin
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Caleb Stauffer
Caleb Stauffer fixes to assets and includes for Query Monitor v3.0 (#3)
note: don't adjust QM version on plugin info; more adapted version in dev
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WordPress plugin to add enhancements and extend the already awesome Query Monitor plugin by John Blackbourn.

  • adds additional panels:
  • Constants
  • Image Sizes
  • Included Files
  • Multisite
  • Paths
  • Var Dumps (use QM_dump())
  • is_account_page
  • is_cart
  • is_checkout
  • is_checkout_pay_page
  • is_product
  • is_product_taxonomy
  • is_product_category
  • is_product_tag
  • is_shop
  • is_wc_endpoint_url
  • is_woocommerce
  • is_view_order_page
  • is_edit_account_page
  • is_order_received_page
  • is_add_payment_method_page
  • is_lost_password_page
  • is_store_notice_showing
  • adds additional columns/info to:
  • Assets panels
  • Transients panel
  • provides a "graph" display of all notices/errors (multiple background colors of admin bar menu item)

"Graph" display of notices/errors