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CMS based on Laravel's Eloquent
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lazychaser Merge pull request #150 from zenekp/master
Fix for bug introduced in previous PR for fully qualified column names in queries.
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resources Add spanish translations Mar 4, 2016
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tests Initial commit Feb 6, 2014
.bowerrc Support laravel 5 Feb 5, 2015
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.travis.yml First release Dec 27, 2013 Implemented #118: added toHTML method Jan 11, 2016
Gruntfile.js Refactored entity dropdown Dec 22, 2015 Refactored and support l5.2 Dec 22, 2015
bower.json Change dev version Jan 25, 2015
package.json Moved code and markdown to a separate package cruddy/ace, updated ven… Jan 25, 2015
phpunit.xml First release Dec 27, 2013

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Cruddy is a powerfull tool for backend applications. Based on Laravel, allows to view, create and update your entities with less effort and coding.


  • Many field & column types, extensible via plugins
  • JavaScript-enabled UI, completely asynchronous
  • Embedded forms for editing related models
  • and more


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