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A simple module for bitwise-xor on buffers
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A simple module for bitwise-xor on buffers.


var xor = require('buffer-xor')
var a = new Buffer('00ff0f', 'hex')
var b = new Buffer('f0f0', 'hex')

console.log(xor(a, b))
// => <Buffer f0 0f 0f>

Or for those seeking those few extra cycles, perform the operation in place with xorInplace:

NOTE: xorInplace won't xor past the bounds of the buffer it mutates so make sure it is long enough!

var xorInplace = require('buffer-xor/inplace')
var a = new Buffer('00ff0f', 'hex')
var b = new Buffer('f0f0', 'hex')

console.log(xorInplace(a, b))
// => <Buffer f0 0f 0f>

// See that a has been mutated
// => <Buffer f0 0f 0f>

License MIT

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