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mixfaster is a new version of the server component of Mixmaster.

It is a ground-up rewrite. It is written entirely in python, and runs its own mailserver (lamson). No longer do you need to set up a mailserver, configure it, and configure mixmaster.

It is not safe to use (yet). For example, the thing that gives a remailer its security (pooling) is not implemented yet. It is also not feature-complete, as noted in TODO. Additionally, it performs a significant amount of logging, in a somewhat haphazard way.




  • Download and install the origin mixmaster code as a client
  • Update its stats
  • retrieve the remailer key by sending a mail with Subject "remailer-key" to the remailer's address
  • edit pubring.mix and put the cap string and Key (but not the $remailer line) at the top
  • Send a one-hop message through the new remailer, you should recieve it immediately.


There is extemely little information about remailers left on the net. What remains is generally out of date and archaic.

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