Assets 18

Complete rewrite of Cryptomator. Modularized its core components to CryptoLib, CryptoFS, and WebDAV-NIO-Adapter. A complete list of closed issues is available here.


  • Auto-Unlock!!! 🎉 (#40) We finally implemented the most-wished feature. Still experimental and will be completed by autostart (optionally hidden) in future versions
  • New vault format 6 (#521)
  • Added new options to "unlocked" screen: Mount/unmount without locking/unlocking (#452)
  • Network access now filtered by the socket instead of the application (#431)
  • You can now change the socket port without restarting Cryptomator
  • New log system with log file rotation and exposed, user-adjustable configuration


  • Removed IPv6 flag, Windows will now always mount cryptomator-vault which is mapped to (#512, #529)


  • Improved macOS Sierra integration, unlocking doesn't ask for username/password for localhost anymore (#170)
  • Improved iCloud Drive compatibility (#364)
  • Fixed slow startup on some systems
  • Added CMD+, shortcut for preferences


  • Changed license to GPLv3
  • Dropped SHA-1 signatures in Windows Authenticode code signing
  • Dropped official Windows Vista support
  • Dropped official Ubuntu Vivid and Wily support