@asterite asterite released this Jun 7, 2015 · 5731 commits to master since this release

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  • Added Tuple.from_json and Tuple.to_json
  • The method_missing macro now accepts a 1 argument variant that is a Call node. The 3 arguments variant will be deprecated.
  • Flush STDOUT at program exit (fixes print not showing any output)
  • Added Time#to_utc and Time#to_local (thanks @datanoise)
  • Time comparison is now correct when comparing local vs. utc times
  • Support timezone offsets in Time parsing and formatting
  • Added IO#gets(delimiter : String)
  • Added String#chomp(Char) and String#chomp(String)
  • Allow invoking debug() inside a macro to see what's being generated.
  • IO#puts and IO#print now receive a splat (thanks @rhysd)
  • Added Process.kill and Process.getpgid (thanks @barachy)
  • Signal is now an enum. Use it like Signal::INT.trap { ... } instead of Signal.trap(Signal::INT) { ... }
  • Added CSV.each_row (both in block and iterator forms)
  • Important fixes to non-blocking IO logic.