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Crystal is still changing and growing rapidly. Here we list the brave folks who have started to use it in production nonetheless, building and strengthening our community. Are you using Crystal in production at your company or project? Please add yourself in alphabetical order to the list under the corresponding industry!


SaaS products

  • Appmonit - analytics engine

  • Blitline - Online image processing

  • BlockVue - Virtual and VR tours for commercial real estate

  • JSON Keeper - Simple, static JSON hosting service for web and mobile apps

  • NamingMatters - Trademark pre-clearance and search

  • - Peer-to-peer car rental platform based in Norway

  • Rainforest QA - QA at the Speed of Development - Intelligent Crowdtesting for Agile Teams

  • Void – Read + Retain in a distracted world

Software Development

  • Bulutfon - Cloud Voice & VOIP solution for Turkey.

  • Duo Design - Web and application design and development from Manchester.

  • Level UP Solutions - Web application design and development, in France, specialized in e-commerce.

  • LI-COR Biosciences - LI-COR Biosciences designs and manufactures instrument systems and research tools for environmental and biotechnology research

  • Manas - We build unconventional software for unconventional [needs | contexts | ideas | organizations]

  • MeasureChina - Marketing intelligence software.

  • Nikola Corp - We build Hydrogen Powered Semi Trucks.

  • Protel - Changing the game in POS Systems and Hospitality.

  • Red Panthers - Web application design and development, from Kochi, India. Build POS (Point of Sale) system and local web api servers using Crystal & Kemal.


  • Diploid - Human genome interpretation

Cyber Security

  • NeuraLegion - Machine Learning powered advanced protocol fuzzer.

System Benchmark


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