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A bundle integrating Guzzle >=4.0 in Symfony
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This bundle integrates Guzzle >=4.0 in Symfony. Versions 2.x and 3.x support Guzzle 6 and versions 1.x support Guzzle 4 and 5.

Currently, the bundle supports the following features:

  • Integration with Symfony's debug tools (web debug toolbar, profiler, logger, timeline, ...)
  • Configuring a Guzzle client simply using configuration
  • Multiple middleware / subscribers (logger, profiler, timeline, cache, mock, and more to come)
  • Service descriptions to describe your services in json format (only in the 1.3 branch, though)

Web debug Toolbar Profiler panel integration Profiler timeline integration


All the installation instructions are located in the documentation


Although I try to guarantee forward-compatibility of the bundle with previous versions. Here are the upgrade notes between each version.



As Guzzle 4 and Guzzle 5 are no longer supported by its creator, you should aim to migrate to Guzzle 6.x as soon as possible. Versions 1.x of this bundle are no longer supported, and version 2.x of will be supported until Symfony 2.8 EOL (November 2018).


Documentation for stable (3.x)

Documentation for legacy (2.x)


CsaGuzzleBundle is an open source project. If you'd like to contribute, please read the Contributing Guidelines.


This library is under Apache License 2.0. For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.

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