Resident and Staff Directory for The Garage at Northwestern University
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The Garage Directory

This project is a single-page application that catalogs the student entrepreneurs (known as "residents") who have registered their start-ups ("resident teams") with The Garage at Northwestern University*.

The directory is being created with the Angular Material framework and is hosted on Firebase.

While the site is still very much a work in progress, you can find the deployment here:


The intent of this directory is to provide a publicly available roster of all Garage residents, since there isn't one that currently exists to my knowledge. An "innovation hub" like The Garage is most effective at developing promising new ideas when its members can communicate and learn from one another across teams and across disciplines/skills.

The Garage Directory would ideally provide students with the resources needed to find the right resident for advice and opinions.

Planned Features

The directory should eventually provide the following minimal functionality:

  • List all resident members, grouped by team.
  • Each resident member should at least have a name, Student ID, company position (this may be tricky if member is part of multiple teams), profile picture, and contact email.
  • Allow users to search for a specific member by name and Student ID.
  • Allow users to search within individual teams.
  • Provide basic authentication for Garage Staff members to log-in and make additions/edits to the directory.

Possible Features

If time allows, I'd also like to implement the following functionality:

  • Each resident member has their own personal profile page, which can have, in addition to the basic information above, a place for them to write a small blurb, provide additional contact information, update their major/year, etc.
  • In the same vein, a personal profile would mean allowing individual residents to create their own log-in credentials to edit their information (assuming we don't want the staff or work-study aides to manage that).
  • Ability to sort the members or group them in ways other than by team.

*This project is not an official Northwestern University web application.