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pre_0.13 update according to the recent changes Jul 22, 2012

IPython Notebook and d3.js Mashup

Thanks the IPython team for their excellent work on 0.13 release. The new re-factored javascript for IPython 0.13 notebook makes writing mashup using d3.js + IPython simpler. I put two examples in ipython_13_vis_example/

The examples use the python extension mechanism to load the python and javascript extension directly from github. They should work fine under the official IPython 0.13 Notebook. However, I have only limited tests under FireFox.

The GDP_CO2_Example.ipynb only uses the It shows how to make a movable chart with IPython + d3.js.

The Word_Ladder_network_vis.ipynb is an experiment to show how to build interacitve widget to show it is possible to use python code as callbacks for some html elements.

Currently, I don't feel happy about the code. It is quite ugly. If time permits, I will think a better way to make the mapping between javascript objects and python objects more transparent. It is quite tricky to debug if any simple mistake is in the code.