A JavaScript plugin to create a Facebook photo selector
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jQuery Facebook Photo Selector

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This is an interface component that allows you to select a photo from your albums as if you were inside of Facebook. It mimics the 'Change your profile picture' dialogue, but allows you to customize it as you like.

This is what it looks like.

This is based on the Friend Selector plugin created by These Days. Their plugin can be found on GitHub.

Viewing the example

You can view the example at labs.carsonshold.com/fb-photo-selector or you check out this repo and run it yourself.

You'll need to put the files on a web server or virtual host - Facebook apps won't run off the local file system.

Just edit example.js and set your Facebook appId, then set the 'Website' field in your app settings accordingly.

Using the plugin

Include required HTML

  • Copy the div element with the ID CSPhotoSelector (and all of its children) from index.html.

Include required CSS

  • Include the csphotoselector.css stylesheet in your document.
  • Ensure the csphotoselector folder is located in the same directory as csphotoselector.css. It holds required images.

Include required JavaScript

  • Include jQuery in your document.
  • Include the Facebook JavaScript SDK.
  • Include csphotoselector.js.

The fun stuff (using the plugin)

1 - Make sure your user has authenticated your Facebook app. user_photos is required. This is set in example.js.

2 - Initialise the plugin. Here you can set options like toggling debug messages, your preferred classnames, etc.

CSPhotoSelector.init({debug: true});

3 - Create an instance of the plugin.

selector = CSPhotoSelector.newInstance({
	callbackAlbumSelected	: callbackAlbumSelected,
	callbackAlbumUnselected	: callbackAlbumUnselected,
	callbackPhotoSelected	: callbackPhotoSelected,
	callbackPhotoUnselected	: callbackPhotoUnselected,
	callbackSubmit			: callbackSubmit,
	maxSelection			: 1,
	albumsPerPage			: 6,
	photosPerPage			: 200,
	autoDeselection			: true

4 - Display the plugin instance when you need it. The plugin will automatically load the Facebook photos of the logged in user.

$(".photoSelect").click(function (e) {


MIT Licensed