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README file for axdigi  			24 July 1995

axdigi is a simple little program that will allow Linux systems to do
cross-port digipeating.  For those, like me, who are having problems with
normal single port digipeating it does that too.  Please note this software
is ALPHA test so it may do some weird things for you.

The program has no arguments, although if you use either the -v or -h flags
you will get the version string and the no warranty message.  axdigi works
out for itself what ports and callsigns to use.  Essentially, all ports with
ax.25 running and the callsigns given for that port.  It also does the
correct callsign swapping when digipeating via cross-ports.

To start it I suggest putting a line in your /etc/rc.local file, if you had
put axdigi in /sbin then the line would be;
/sbin/axdigi &

Note: The program finds the interface callsigns only once, at the start of
the program.  So if you change an interface callsign or bring one up or
down, you will have to restart the program.  This will probably change in
the next version if it is a major problem.

You will, of course, require the ax25 code within the kernel before this
program works.  This program is most useful for those who are running TNOS
for Linux.  Now you can connect the radio ports to Linux and use digipeating
to get to the TNOS system.

Here's an example;
My system has two radio ports, pt0a and pt0b, plus an internal ax25 link to
TNOS call sl0.  The callsigns are vk2xlz, vk2xlz-1 and vk2xlz-2
respectively.  In addition, the TNOS systems callsign is vk2xlz-4.

For someone to connect to TNOS system from pt0b or pt0a, they just go via
vk2xlz-2, axdigi will change it's digipeater callsign so TNOS knows where to
send the replies (ala AXIP systems). For someone on the TNOS system to
connect out, they go via xlz or xlz-1, depending on wether they want to
connect to someone on pt0a or pt0b.

I'd be very interested to hear comments about the program.  I assume it is
only a temporary measure until it is put into the kernel.  The system used
here was;
Linux 1.1.95 with AX.25 028 and PackeTwin 0.2 additions.
GCC 2.6.2
libc 4.6.27


  - Craig vk2xlz    VK2XLZ@VK2XSB.#SYD.NSW.AUS.OC


Daemon for hamradio cross-port digipeating







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