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DEPRECATED: project is outdated and doesn't maintain for a while. Alternatives:

  • If you interested in gonzales, take a look at gonzales-pe, this is a fork of gonzales with post processors support (sass, less) and other improvements.
  • We also recommend looking at CSSTree, which began as refactoring of gonzales, but later became a brand new solution for parsing and processing CSS.
  • If you are looking for the fastest parser, see the CSS parsers benchmark by PostCSS team to choose your favourite one.

1. Description

Gonzales — fast CSS parser.

This document is an installation guide.

Usage: [CSSP.USAGE.en] (

CSSP AST description: [AST.CSSP.en] (

Please report issues on Issues.

2. Install using npm


To install (global):

  • run npm install gonzales -g

To update:

  • run npm update gonzales

To uninstall:

  • run npm uninstall gonzales -g

3. Authors

4. And finally

  • Gonzales is licensed under MIT