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CSScomb for Sublime Text


CSScomb is a coding style formatter for CSS.
You can easily write your own configuration to make your stylesheets beautiful and consistent.

The Requirements

You need Node.js to make this plugin work.


If node has been installed with NVM you need to make a symlink to node in /usr/local/bin. Using OS X, the binary path would typically be /Users/[your name]/.nvm/[node version]/bin/node.

Plugin usage

Press ctrl+shift+c or open "Tools" menu and select "Run CSScomb".

Custom configuration

Custom configuration is fun and simple: just put .csscomb.json file in the project root or your HOME directory.

You can read more about available options in docs.

You can also store config right in ST's settings.
Open Preferences > Package Settings > CSScomb and see Settings - Default for an example.

Issues & bugs

Plugin tracker
CSScomb tracker