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Install Monaco Font on Linux distro.

The idea started from here The main goal of the repo was to provide a script that download and install the Monaco font on ubuntu and not provide the font itself.

Unfortunately, due to license issue I removed all Monaco_Linux.ttf binary files from the repo, see discussion on issue #10.

Nevertheless, all the scripts remain and accept a parameter that is the link to the font, see below; now all the scripts are generics and can accept a raw url that point to the font. That's sound good! Some of the world's best open source fonts are hosted right here on GitHub and can be viewed form:

Disclaimer: since I don't know the origin of the fonts, the original author and the original license, Monaco font (and potentially other fonts) will be used at own risk. Users should know the font license before download and install it. With this repo, I only provide the scripts that permits the download and then install fonts on your linux distro. All the scripts are provided as-is and have the public domain license; so you can copy, modify, use and so on without restrictions. I invite all the github users that fork and forked the repository to know that there's copyright issue on using fonts without permissions.

The Monaco_Linux.ttf font file can be downloaded from these links:

On the net you'll find a plethora of variations of Monaco, if you want make a PR in order to update the list and please provide and notify the license of the font whatever it is.

Feel free to ask to the maintainer of the font file or who has the font file on his/her server what's the license and please made a PR in order to update the information on this repo.

Many thanks for all the contributions!


  • Clone the repository
  • launch the script and replace [url] with the url of the font, e.g.

Install Monaco Font on Ubuntu

./ [url]

Install Monaco Font on CentOS

./ [url]

Install Monaco Font on Gentoo

./ [url]


Install `Monaco Font` or other fonts on Linux distro (Ubuntu, CentOS...)



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