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Symfony2 Continuous Integration Example


This is a simple example configuration of a Symfony2 project for continuous integration. The repository includes:

  • A valid Ant build.xml file (build.xml). It executes:

    • PHP syntax checking.
    • PHPUnit tests.
    • Test coverage analysis using Clover.
    • Generation of PHPDoc documentation.
    • phpcpd analysis.
    • PHP Depend analysis.
    • PHP Mess Detector analysis.
    • phploc analysis.
    • PHP Code Sniffer analysis.
    • Generation of PHP Code Browser reports.
  • A Travis CI configuration file (it only checks PHP syntax and PHPUnit tests). (.travis.yml)

  • A Jenkins configuration file (contrib/jenkins/config.xml)

Try it!

In order to test the build file, you have to install:

  • PHPDocumentor 2
  • phpunit
  • phpcpd
  • PHP Depend
  • PHP Mess Detector
  • PHP Code Sniffer
  • PHP Code Browser
  • phploc
  • Ant

You can get installation instructions at the following URLs:

After the installation, you can test the build executing the help of the build.xml at the project root:

ant info

Travis CI Build Status

Build Status