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A tool to suggest github repositories based on the repositories you have shown interest in.


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A tool to suggest github repositories based on the repositories you have shown interest in.


Whats happening here?

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute. ~ Hal Abelson

One quick way to become a better programmer is by reading code written by smart people. Github makes finding such code/repositories easy. At the end of the day we all are interested in our own specific areas and we express this interest by “starring” repositories and/or “following” people who contribute to such repositories.

This is a tool which uses the repositories you have starred and the repositories that people you follow have starred to help you discover repositories which might be of interest to you.

How fast is it?

It totally depends on the number of repositories you have, and people you follow have starred. Based on this number it might take anywhere between a minute to two minutes to give you the list of suggested repositories.


Using pip

pip install gitsuggest

Directly from the repository

git clone --recursive
python gitsuggest/ install

Post setup

If you see a stopwords error, it means that you do not have the corpus stopwords downloaded from NLTK. You can download it using command below.

python -c "import nltk;'stopwords')"


As a command

# For help with usage
gitsuggest --help

# With just username in command to provide password secretly
gitsuggest <username>

# Password can be skipped which means you chose to go the unauthenticated
# way which may raise RateLimitExceeded exception.To skip password enter
# nothing when prompted for password and press enter.

# NOTE: Using it this way generates a static html page with the search
# results. This gets opened it in your default browser.

# To fetch better suggestions at the cost of extra time and calls
gitsuggest <username> --deep_dive

# Without the --deep_dive flag we limit the suggestion to consider only
# the repositories you have starred. With --deep_dive we also consider
# repositories which people you follow have starred.

As a module

from gitsuggest import GitSuggest

# To use with username password combination
gs = GitSuggest(username=<username>, password=<password>)

# To use with access_token
gs = GitSuggest(token=access_token)

# To use without authenticating
gs = GitSuggest(username=<username>)

# To use with deep dive flag
gs = GitSuggest(username=<username>, password=<password>, token=None, deep_dive=True)
gs = GitSuggest(token=access_token, deep_dive=True)
gs = GitSuggest(username=<username>, deep_dive=True)

# To get an iterator over suggested repositories.


Why do we need to authenticate (with password) to get suggestions, I browse gihub all the time without authenticating?

You don’t. From v0.0.4 you can choose to procure suggestions without actually authenticating with a password, but know that access to github through API is highly rate limited and it is much lesser for unauthenticated requests when compared to authenticated ones. More details about ratelimits.

What this means is that when used without a password (unauthenticated) it may fail with RateLimitExceeded exception.


Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please use issue tracker for reporting bugs or feature requests.


Pull requests are most welcome.

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A tool to suggest github repositories based on the repositories you have shown interest in.








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