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A ready-to-use Node-RED setup for home automation
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A ready-to-use Node-RED setup for home automation maintained by german computer magazine c't.

It includes Node-RED, MQTT (provided by Eclipse Mosquitto), Zigbee-Support (provided by zigbee2mqtt). We also added Node-RED-Nodes for HomeKit, FritzBox, Tado, Bluetooth-LE-Support and a Dashboard.


To get this going you need a working Docker 18.02.0+ setup and docker-compose.

This setup will run on any AMD64 or ARM32v7 machine. This includes virtually any PC or a Raspberry Pi 3 or newer. We also build containers for ARM64v8, ARM32v6 and S390X but they are untested.

If you want to control Zigbee devices you also will need a Zigbee controller stick. Have a look at Zigbee2MQTT's documentation for that.

Getting started

  • Install docker and docker-compose
  • Clone/Download this repository
  • cd into the folder containing this repos files
  • run ./ start to setup the data folder needed for the containers and run them.
  • Note: The Zigbee2mqtt container will only start if a Zigbee-Controller is connected. Make sure to use the newest firmware on the stick!
  • Backup the data folder regularly it contains all your data and configuration files options

c't-Smart-Home – setup script                                                                                                                             
Usage: update – to update this copy of the repo start – run all containers stop – stop all containers data – set up the data folder needed for the containers, but run none of them. Useful for personalized setups.   

Manual start

  • run ./ data to create the necessary folders
  • Use docker-compose up -d to start the containers
  • If you do not want to start Zigbee2mqtt, add the name of the Node-RED-container to the docker-compose command: docker-compose up -d nodered. The MQTT container will always be started, because it's a dependency of Node-Red.

Containers and Versions

The Node-RED container is based on the official one provided by the Node-RED project. We provide variations based on Node.js versions 8 (legacy), 10 (LTS) and 12. See Node.js releases page for support cycles. The container based on LTS will always be the default. You can always modify your copy of the compose file to use a different container version.

Container-Tag Node-RED version Node.js version Notes Arch
latest latest release version LTS latest release version all
latest-10 1.x 10 latest release version all
latest-12 1.x 12 latest release version all
devel latest release version 10 build from current master all
devel-10 1.x 10 build from current master all
devel-12 1.x 12 build from current master all
release-1.1.1-amd64 0.20.5 8 legacy amd64
release-1.1.1-arm32v7 0.20.5 8 legacy arm32v7

We also use the :latest versions of Eclipse Mosquitto and Zigbee2mqtt.

Further information

Articles in c't

This project is described in the German computer magazine c't:

Zigbee2mqtt is described here:


Node-RED documentation

Zigbee2MQTT documentation (Note: If you use and enjoy the Zigbee service consider sponsoring Koen Kanters great work!)

Mosquitto documentation

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