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Low-level data processing pipeline software for CTA (the Cherenkov Telescope Array)

This is code is a prototype data processing framework and is under rapid development. It is not recommended for production use unless you are an expert or developer!

Citing this software

If you use this software for a publication, please cite the Zenodo Record for the specific version you are using and our latest publication.

You can find all ctapipe Zenodo records here: List of ctapipe Records on Zenodo.

There is also a Zenodo DOI always pointing to the latest version: doilatest

At this point, our latest publication is the 2021 ICRS proceeding, which you can cite using this bibtex entry:

    author = {Nöthe, Maximilian  and  Kosack, Karl  and  Nickel, Lukas  and  Peresano, Michele},
    title = {Prototype Open Event Reconstruction Pipeline for the Cherenkov Telescope Array},
    doi = {10.22323/1.395.0744},
    booktitle = {Proceedings, 37th International Cosmic Ray Conference},
    location={Berlin, Germany},

Installation for Users

ctapipe and its dependencies may be installed using the Anaconda or Miniconda package system. We recommend creating a conda virtual environment first, to isolate the installed version and dependencies from your master environment (this is optional).

The latest version of ctapipe can be installed via:

mamba install -c conda-forge ctapipe

or via:

pip install ctapipe

Note: to install a specific version of ctapipe take look at the documentation here.

Note: mamba is a C++ reimplementation of conda and can be found here.

Note this is pre-alpha software and is not yet stable enough for end-users (expect large API changes until the first stable 1.0 release).

Developers should follow the development install instructions found in the documentation.