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CodeIgniter 4 Module Generator

With the help of this, you can create files of module like Controller, Model, View, MySQL.

  • 👉 Create a module name
  • 👉 Create module fields: database and form field
  • 👉 Setup module Settings
  • 👉 Generate module files: MySQL, Routes, Controller, Model, View

🌎 Open Site


Video Tutorial

Project setup

npm install
npm run serve
npm run build



  • Unique Index Key Name is Unique, Check Index Key Name if input duplicate value
  • If Remove Unique Value in the Module Field Other Option Key, Remove also uniqueColIndex Value

Browser Support 🏁

It's being tested on:

  • ☑️ Chrome (Latest)
  • ☑️ Firefox (Latest)
  • ☑️ Internet Explorer (Latest)
  • ☑️ Internet Explorer 10
  • ☑️ Safari (desktop and iOS)

Internet Explorer (10+) is only partially supported.

Reporting Issues ☢️

If you have a problem with this plugin or found any bug, please open an issue on GitHub.

Copyright and License ©️

Code copyright 2020 ctechhindi. Code released under the MIT license


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