This component is now available in Camel 2.19.0
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Note: This component is now available in Apache Camel 2.19.0 out of the box. This repository will no longer be maintained. If you want the most recent version, please switch to Apache Camel.

Apache Camel™ OPC UA Component Build status Maven Central

This is an Apache Camel component for providing OPC UA client and server functionality based on Eclipse Milo™.

Install into Karaf

To install camel-milo into a Karaf 4+ container run the following commands inside the Karaf shell:

feature:repo-add mvn:org.apache.camel.karaf/apache-camel/2.18.0/xml/features
feature:repo-add mvn:de.dentrassi.camel.milo/feature/0.1.1/xml/features
feature:install camel-milo

If you want to install use a different version of Camel, this is possible by selecting a different Camel feature version:

feature:repo-add mvn:org.apache.camel.karaf/apache-camel/2.17.0/xml/features

Build your own

If you want to re-compile the component yourself try the following:

git clone
cd de.dentrassi.camel.milo
mvn clean install

Et voilà … you have a Karaf archive (KAR) at features/milo/target/milo-*.kar which contains a Karaf repository with all the dependencies that you need.