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It is possible to considerably speed up CK search by turning on third-party ElasticSearch. CK will then index meta-description and information about all CK entries transparently to user. CK will also transparently tunnel search queries to the ElasticSearch!

Table of Contents

Minimal requirements


  • Test indexing server: ck test index
  • Start using indexing: ck on index
  • Stop using indexing: ck off index
  • See status of indexing: ck show index
  • Add index for a given CK entry: ck add_index CID
  • Delete index of a given CK entry: ck delete_index CID
  • Delete all indexes: ck clean index
  • (Re)index all CK entries: ck add_index


It is possible to change indexing parameters by editing local kernel configuration as follows:

 $ ck edit local:kernel:default

Then add or update the following variables:

  • "index_host":"http://localhost", # Change hostname if ElasticSearch is installed on remote host
  • "index_port":"9200", # Change port
  • "index_use_curl":"no" # if 'yes', use curl instead of internal python Internet routines

Questions and comments

You are welcome to get in touch with the CK community if you have questions or comments!

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