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Rserve client php library
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php5 client for Rserve (a TCP/IP server for R statistical software)

Build Status

Changes from 1.0 version

  • All classes are declared under Sentiweb\Rserve namespace allowing PSR-4 autoloading
  • Parsers are now individualized into classes
  • A Parser instance can be directly used as second argument of evalString() to replace default parser (see example)


You can run tests using phpunit

Credential-free tests

  • launch your credential-free Rserve instance

  • Can be done with docker run -d -p 6311:6311 wnagele/rserve

  • Create a file config.php in the "tests" directory (copy config.php.sample)

  • define the constant RSERVE_HOST with the address of your Rserve server

  • port used is the default 6311

  • custom port implemented but not supported in tests yet

  • if installed with composer: composer test

  • otherwise, run with phpunit

  • phpunit tests/ParserNativeTest.php

  • phpunit tests\SessionTest.php

  • phpunit tests\REXPTest.php

Login tests:

  • launch your credential-protected Rserve instance
  • define the constants RSERVE_PORT, RSERVE_USER, RSERVE_PASS in config.php (along with RSERVE_HOST)
  • run test
  • phpunit tests\LoginTest.php


Using without composer : include src/autoload.php in your project

Using with composer:

  • run composer require cturbelin/rserve-php:2.0.x-dev
  • add require __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php'; to your project

Some usage example are provided in example directory

Using Login Authorization

Usage is the same as the vanilla usage, except for the constructor

   $cnx = new \Sentiweb\Rserve\Connection('myserverhost', serverport, array('username'=>username,'password'=>password))


Results provided by R could be handled using several parsers

  • NativeArray Translates R structure into php simple arrays. It is useful to get simple values from R

  • Wrapped array Using NativeArray with parameters array("wrapper"=>true) in contructor return object with attributes of R objects. The result object can be used as an array and provides methods to access R object attributes

  • Debug Translates R response to structure useful for debugging

  • REXP Translates R response into REXP classes

Async Mode

Several functions allow to use connection in async mode

  • getSocket() to get the socket an set some options
  • setAsync() allow to set the async mode
  • getResults($parser) : get and parse the results after a call to evalString() in async mode


Clément Turbelin, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, France

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