Sample application from the Quick Start tutorial
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This is a "Hello World" application which is designed to show the core capabilities and features of both the CUBA Platform and Studio.

The Sales application is a simple purchase management system that enables tracking orders made by customers. Each order consists of a number of products. Customers, products and orders can be created, edited and deleted through the system user interface.

The tutorial videos with the detailed description are available on the Quick Start. The Quick Start enables you to start your own CUBA application within 30 minutes.

The application project covers the following aspects:

  • Data Model Design
    • Creating entities
    • Executing DDL scripts
    • Creating relationships in entities
  • User Interface Design
    • Generating CRUD screens
    • Creating views for related entities
    • Creating data sources for screens to display composite screens
    • Visual editing of the existing screens
  • Creating Integration Tests

In order to run integration tests, do the following:

  • Execute startTestDb and createTestDb Gradle tasks in the command line or via the Studio Search dialog.
  • To run the tests from the command line, use the test Gradle task.
  • To run from an IDE, first execute Build > Assemble project, then Build > Create or update IDE project files. After that you can run tests from the IDE.

Based on CUBA Platform 6.3.5