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jfly Upgrade to `next` version of `gulp-gh-pages`.
This includes shinnn/gulp-gh-pages#117, which we
need to fix the broken build. Hopefully upgrading doesn't cause any
other issues, for some reason they have not yet marked 0.6 as the
`latest` release on npm.js. See
shinnn/gulp-gh-pages#129 for more information.
Latest commit 9359bcf Jan 7, 2019

Cubing Icons and Fonts Build Status


Rebuild fonts and cubing-icons.css

We use the excellent gulp-iconfont.

  • npm install
  • Install potrace.
  • npm run build or npm run watch - Open www/index.html in your web browser.

Deploy to GitHub Pages

gulp deploy

This will deploy to the gh-pages branch of whatever remote your origin is pointing at. TravisCI will automatically run this whenever code is pushed to master.