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This is a language with a type system that enforces the correctness of linear algebra operations. There is a compiler, pretty printer, and interpreter.

OCaml 4.04 or higher required

Set Up

We need Dune and Menhir:

$ opam install dune
$ apt-get install m4  # On Debian, for example.
$ opam install menhir

Build by typing:

$ dune build bin/lingc.bc

Now you can use dune exec bin/lingc.bc to run the compiler. Or you can install a lingc executable:

$ dune build && dune install

Now lingc should be available on your path.


To simulate a Linguine-compiled shader on your browser:

$ make run src='example_directory_name'

For example:

$ make run src=phong

You can run the compiler by passing the *.lgl source file as an argument to lingc. For example:

$ lingc example.lgl

To also print interpreter output, include an additional argument v

$ lingc example.lgl v


There are a bunch of tests under the test directory. Use the script to run them.

Technical Details

The current version of the compiler generates GLSL 1.0 code, which is suitable for use in WebGL 1.0 (i.e., OpenGL 2.0) programs.

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