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This is a flexible language built around geometric types for tracking the geometry of a run program. There is a compiler, pretty printer, and interpreter.

OCaml 4.08 or higher required Dune 2.5.0 or higher required

Optional Ocamlformat 0.14.2

Set Up

We need Dune and Menhir:

$ opam install dune
$ apt-get install m4  # On Debian, for example.
$ opam install menhir

Build by typing:

$ make

Now you can use dune exec bin/gatorc.bc to run the compiler. Or you can install a gatorc executable:

$ make build

Now gatorc should be available on your path.


To simulate a Gator-compiled shader on your browser, view the README in the example folder.

You can run the compiler directly by passing a *.lgl source file as an argument to gatorc. For example:

$ gatorc example.lgl

To run our house interpreter, simply include the argument -i:

$ gatorc -i example.lgl


There are a bunch of tests under the test directory. Use the script to run them.

Technical Details

The current version of the compiler generates GLSL 1.0 code, which is suitable for use in WebGL 1.0 (i.e., OpenGL 2.0) programs.