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I added two aliases in Catalan language for tokens background and giv…

…en for masculine and femenine cases
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1 parent ff39079 commit 2226647218b3829ca249fb31fcd67cc6149b8f5f @lleirborras lleirborras committed May 21, 2009
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@@ -62,12 +62,12 @@
name: Catalan
native: català
encoding: UTF-8
- background: Rerefons
+ background: Rerefons|Antecedents
feature: Característica
scenario: Escenari
scenario_outline: Esquema de l\'escenari
examples: Exemples
- given: Donat
+ given: Donat|Donada
when: Quan
then: Aleshores
and: I

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