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CUHacking App - 2018 version
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CUHacking App

Android App

Coming Soon

iOS App

Coming Soon

Slack bot usage

The CUSlacking bot is one of the major awesome features of this project. It accepts two pieces of functionality:

  • cuslacking announce There's ice cream available at the ice cream tent - announce the provided message on Slack and using the in-app notifications
  • Reacting to a help message with 👍 from a user requesting help through the app will match you with them and provide them with your profile picture.

Special Thanks

This Android app was orginally created as the group project for COMP 3004 at Carleton University in Fall 2017 by Elisa Kazan, Jack McCracken, Forest Anderson and Esti Tweg. The iOS version was created during ConUHacks III in January 2018.

See logs branch for dev-logs

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