CUID - Cryptocurrency Unique Identifier Standard
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CUID is a new data field standard for cryptocurrency related API communications. We are trying to solve the Name/Ticker conflict of cryptocurrencies. We encourage exchanges, cryptocurrency info services to add 'CUID' data field on their API. 'CUID' is a pre-defined ID for each Cryptocurrency stored in an Ethererum Smart Contract.

How can we find 'CUID' of a Coin/Token?

Go to webpage and search for name/ticker. Or directly create a script that reads 0x.. smart contract event logs.

How is CUID of a Coin/Token defined?

We define CUID of popular coins/tokens on start and continue to update the list. Also, you can send us a request to add a token/coin via filling form. Editors check the information you provided and call smart contract.

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Support or Contact Please feel free to contact: