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Wire.js is an Inversion of Control (IOC) Container for Javascript. It takes a wiring spec as input, and creates, connects, manages, and destroys components in your application. It can be used both at startup time to bootstrap an application, or at runtime to bring whole sections of an application into and out of existence as needed.





Things you'll do a lot


  • Component lifecycle management
  • Dependency Inversion via constructor and setter Dependency Injection
  • Automatic dependency ordering
  • Connectors
  • Service locator pattern and reference resolution

Using wire.js

  • In an AMD environment
    • AMD loader configuration
    • As a module
    • As an AMD loader plugin
  • Dealing with DOMReady
  • In a non-AMD environment


Core plugins

  • wire/debug - debugging your wire specs
  • wire/dom - basic DOM node injection and other DOM integration
  • wire/aop - decorators, mixins, and pointcut-based aspects and advice

Sizzle plugins

Dojo plugins

jQuery plugins