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Free, Responsive, Open Source, & Typographically Tasteful. It’s Bohemian — the Pelican theme for snobs. Built for a great reading experience with minimal clutter, it will ready your Pelican site for 21st century.
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Live Demo — Subtheme 1 // Live Demo — Subtheme 2// Source Code

Bohemian is a pelican theme I wrote to use here on my github page, replacing my older Clean theme. It’s Free, Responsive, Open Source, & Typographically Tasteful; built to provide a great reading experience with minimal clutter, Bohemian will ready your Pelican site for 21st century.


  • Fully Responsive
  • Lightweight
  • Two Handsome Subthemes build on the same base … the one on this site and the theme used by Science Class
  • Handsome webfonts served by Brick for blazing speed, Alegreya for subtheme 1, Playfair Display & Crimson Roman for Subtheme2
  • Modern, clutter free design makes for a great reading experience.
  • Option to use text or image for the logo

Example config:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- #
from __future__ import unicode_literals

AUTHOR = u'Omphalosskeptic' # What shows up as post attribution and site attribution
SITENAME = u'omphalosskeptic' # Main site name
SITE_TITLE = ' — Omphalosskeptic’s Userpage' # Site title, which is appended to site name for the <title?
SITESUBTITLE = 'The Projects <span class="amp">&amp;</span> Thoughts Of Omphalosskeptic' # Shows up at the bottom where no one will notice it. That’s how hip bohmeian is.
SITEURL = '' # Self explanatory
TWITTER_HANDLE = 'omphalosskeptic' # Adds a link to your twitter account in the footer if you have one. Don’t include the @ symbol for this to work

META_DESCRIPTION = "A hub for the open-source projects of web designer & developer Omphalosskeptic." # Goes in the meta description tag. Shows up in google results so don’t forget it.

SITELOGO = SITEURL+'/images/omphalosskeptic_coloured.png' # For subtheme 1, use a square logo 200px +. For subtheme two works best with something about 700px by a few hundred.

USE_CLEAN_SUBTHEME = False # Set this to true and you get a look, alse it’s the theme on

PATH  = 'content'

MENUITEMS = (('Projects', SITEURL+'/category/projects.html'),) # If yo want’t fine grained control over your menu


THEME = 'bohemian' # Important stuff, yo.

TIMEZONE = 'America/Vancouver'

DEFAULT_DATE = 'fs' # Sets the date if you don’t.

# Feed generation is usually not desired when developing



# Uncomment following line if you want document-relative URLs when developing

Subtheme 1

Subtheme 2

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