curl-7.46.0 requires perl and GNU make #555

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0-wiz-0 commented Dec 6, 2015

curl up to 7.45.0 could be built without perl and GNU make (BSD make was fine).
In 7.46.0, the zsh support in scripts/ made both of these tools necessary.

gmake[1]: Entering directory '/scratch/www/curl/work/curl-7.46.0/scripts'
/usr/pkg/bin/perl > _curl
curl: not found
Use of uninitialized value $opts_str in scalar chomp at line 16.
Use of uninitialized value $opts_str in concatenation (.) or string at line 18.

About GNU make: The new Makefile rule is:

        $(PERL) $< > $@

This is an explicit rule that uses "$<". The man page for BSD make (on NetBSD) says about "$<":

             .IMPSRC   In suffix-transformation rules, the name/path of the
                       source from which the target is to be transformed (the
                       ``implied'' source); also known as `<'.  It is not
                       defined in explicit rules.

I.e., it's supported only in implicit rules.
I suggest just using "" instead of "$<".

About perl: perhaps there is a way to use awk or sed instead. Either way, the warnings should be fixed, and it should be passed a path to curl.

@centminmod centminmod added a commit to centminmod/docker-ubuntu-nghttp2 that referenced this issue Dec 8, 2015
@centminmod centminmod add perl package
for curl curl/curl#555
@bagder bagder added a commit that closed this issue Dec 8, 2015
@bagder bagder scripts/Makefile: fix GNUism and survive no perl
Closes #555

Reported-by: Thomas Klausner
@bagder bagder closed this in f08fea7 Dec 8, 2015
bagder commented Dec 8, 2015

Thanks, fixed now. It doesn't work without perl now but it should at least handle it gracefully.

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