curl meeting 2017

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Sign up!

Register here!

(As of mid-January 2017, we are 40 persons signed up!)

We can only accept attendees who have signed up appropriately.

(If you have problems signing up on that form, consider doing it over plain email instead)


SUSE headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany

Thanks to our friends at SUSE for making this possible!


Kippdata gmbh sponsors tshirts to attendees

Ergon Informatik AG sponsors food and various expenses.

Sevenval Technologies GmbH sponsors food and coffee for attendees.

(Money donated to the curl project will also be used.)

We're still very interested in getting your company to sponsor remaining expense. Please get in touch!


March 18-19, 2017


The first ever meeting devoted entirely to curl and curl-related topics.

The plan is to schedule a number of talks throughout the two days but leave space and room for impromptu discussions and spontaneous presentations.

The exact presentations can very well be subject for discussion on the mailing list beforehand and everyone attending is encouraged to speak up about what exactly they'd like to hear and discuss.

Discuss and plan the details

Join the curl-meet mailing list to participate in the planning of everything. Also useful if you consider volunteering helping out with organization details etc.


See the separate curl meet agenda page. Please also suggest your talk there.


Dan Fandrich and Daniel Stenberg pull the strings.

If you want to help out, please subscribe to the list and volunteer.

How much does it cost?

We will charge (around) 40 Euro for this. That will cover lunch and coffee for two days.

How do I sign up?

See above.

Who can attend?

Anyone interested in curl, libcurl and related technologies.

  • curl hackers and developers
  • libcurl binding hackers
  • libcurl users
  • curl fans
  • internet application protocol fanatics
  • hackers of similar tools or curl related technologies

We may have to reserve the right to turn people down, in the extreme unlikely event that we would get overbooked.

Will the core contributors be there?

Daniel Stenberg will be there. Hopefully as many as possible of the other frequent contributors will show up.