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month: November
daynum: 27th
day: Monday
year: 2017
room: Auditorium
floor: 5th
speaker: Alex Littlejohn
title: Building apps with Flutter
- Our learnings from attempting to re-implement the Pulse app in the Flutter SDK.
speaker: Kayla Meduna
title: Imposter Syndrome: The Battle Begins
- "Imposter syndrome: feeling inadequate despite evidence of success. Come learn more about what impostor syndrome is, what it can turn into, how to overcome it, and how to help others who are struggling. There will be activities."
speaker: Mickey Nasriachi
title: Dancer from Scratch
- "A web-framework is great. In fact, it's awesome. it's way more stable/secure and tested than anything you will build yourself in one afternoon."
- "But.... you will better use the framework if you understand how it works and there's no better and more fun way to do that than to build your own - so attend my talk to find out how you can easily do that using a few simple building blocks."