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This card give you a list of your wishlist items.
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Beer card 🍺

A special card for Toast and his contribution to the community. A card that displays a multiline text in a nicer format.


Name Type Default Description
type string Required custom:beer-card
entity string Required The sensor to use for the list
attribute string list The attribute of the entity to list
title string optional A card title
style string optional A style to apply to the ha-card
icon string mdi:beer An icon to display. Besides mdi icons, it supports images: png, jpg, svg, gif
list_type string none Style of list. Options are none, disc, circle, square



- type: custom:beer-card
  entity: sensor.beer_list
  attribute: list
  title: Toast Beer List
  icon: mdi:heart
  list_type: disc

Example with image icon:

- type: custom:beer-card
  title: Untappd Wishlist
  entity: sensor.untappd_wishlist
  icon: /local/icons/untappd.png

Example with a background image:

- type: custom:beer-card
  title: Untappd Wishlist
  entity: sensor.untappd_wishlist
  icon: mdi:heart
  style: "background-image: url('/local/untapped.png')"
  attribute: list

❤️ To activate the cards set an attribute called list on the sensor.beer_list with any state.



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