Entity row for lights with sliders for adjusting different values based on features
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Light Entity Row


For use in an entites card. You can specify an array of extra buttons to add with an name and service_data to send to light.turn_on for the supplied entity. If not supplied, only the temperature buttons show up.

- type: entities
  title: Lights
    - type: "custom:light-entity-row"
      entity: light.lamp
      icon: mdi:lamp  # optional
      name: Lamp      # optional
    - type: "custom:light-entity-row"
      entity: light.color_lamp
      showColorPicker: true # shows color picker if supported
      showColorSliders: true # shows hue/saturation sliders if supported
    - type: "custom:light-entity-row"
      entity: light.lamp_with_buttons
      buttons:        # optional
        - name: Red
            color_name: red
        - name: Blue
            color_name: blue