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Custom entity row for HomeAssistant, providing additional types of data to be displayed in the secondary info area of the Lovelace Entities card
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Custom entity row for Home Assistant, providing additional types of data to be displayed in the secondary info sections of the Lovelace Entities card.


This module was completely rewritten for the 0.86 release of Home Assistant! There is now an external dependency, and the old configuration options are no longer valid. Please configure from scratch!


  • Home Assistant >= 0.88 (last tested against 0.88.1)
  • Thomas Lovén’s card-tools.js >= 0.4 (tested against 0.4, 5fbed4)

Installation Instructions

1) Install Card Tools if not already installed

If you see "Can't find card-tools. [...]" in your Home Assistant UI, follow these instructions.

  1. Download card-tools.js and place in <home assistant config root>/www/card-tools.js.

  2. Add the following lines to <home assistant config root>/ui-lovelace.yaml

  - url: /local/card-tools.js
    type: js

2) Install Secondary Info Entity Row

  1. Download secondaryinfo-entity-row.js and place in <home assistant config root>/www/secondaryinfo-entity-row.js.

  2. Add the following lines to <home assistant config root>/ui-lovelace.yaml

  - url: /local/secondaryinfo-entity-row.js
    type: module

Using custom_updater

This custom entity row can be integrated into custom_updater, so you can track future updates.

As this is not included in the default card list, add the following to your configuration.yaml:



The standard Lovelace configuration for entities remains valid, with the exception of secondary_info.

secondary_info should be a string value, enclosed in double-quotes, which supports the parseTemplate syntax defined in card-tools.js. Per the documentation:

Two things are important:

- Template must start with [[<space> and end with <space>]]
- This is not in any way the same kind of template as used in the Home Assistant configuration

The templates are parsed by reading one step at a time from the `hass.states` object.
Thus, the first part must be an entity with domain and id, e.g. `light.bed_light`, `media_player.bedroom` etc.
Next is one of:

- entity_id
- state
- attributes.<attribute>
- last_changed
- last_updated

Also see details of the new conditional syntax at useful-markdown-card:


Syntax: [[ if(<condition>, <then>, <else>) ]] Simply put, if <condition> is satisfied, the template will be replaced with <then>, otherwise it will be replaced with <else>.

Both <then> and <else> can in turn be <template> expressions, and <else> can even be another if(!).

Conditions are in the form <left> <comparison> <right> where <left> and <right> are <template>, strings or numeric values.

<comparison> is one of ==, !=, <, >, <= or >=.


type: entities
title: Custom Secondary Info
- entity: sun.sun
  name: Entity ID with wrapped in tag
  type: "custom:secondaryinfo-entity-row"
  secondary_info: "<b style='color:red'>[[ sun.sun.entity_id ]]</b>"
- entity: sun.sun
  name: Absolute time for last-changed
  type: "custom:secondaryinfo-entity-row"
  secondary_info: "[[ sun.sun.last_changed ]]"
- entity: sun.sun
  name: Static text
  type: "custom:secondaryinfo-entity-row"
  secondary_info: "This is the entity row for the Sun"

- entity: sun.sun
  name: Entity attribute
  type: "custom:secondaryinfo-entity-row"
  secondary_info: "Next Dawn: [[ sun.sun.attributes.next_dawn ]]"
- entity: sun.sun
  name: Templated entity object
  type: "custom:secondaryinfo-entity-row"
  secondary_info:  "Next Dawn: [[ {entity}.attributes.next_dawn ]]"
- entity: sun.sun
  name: Conditional template
  type: "custom:secondaryinfo-entity-row"
  secondary_info: '[[ if(sun.sun.attributes.elevation < 0, "Below", "Above") ]] the horizon'




  • Replaced deprecated card-tools functions
  • Added example image to GitHub


  • The configured entity object can now be referenced as {entity} inside a template. This enables compatibility with dynamic entity list generators such as auto-entities.
  • Requires card-tools 0.4, which introduces conditional statements in the template. See useful-markdown-card.
  • Examples updated


  • Compatibility with Home Assistant 0.88


  • Add custom_cards.json for custom_updater integration


  • New release based on card-tools
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