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πŸ—‚ Text Divider Row by @iantrich

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This card is for Lovelace on Home Assistant to display a text divider in an entities card

example example2


Name Type Requirement Description
type string Required custom:text-divider-row
text string Required Text to display in divider


Step 1

Save text-divider-row to <config directory>/www/text-divider-row.js on your Home Assistant instance.


mv text-divider-row.js /config/www/

Step 2

Link text-divider-row inside your ui-lovelace.yaml or Raw Editor in the UI Editor

  - url: /local/text-divider-row.js
    type: module

Step 3

Add a custom element in your ui-lovelace.yaml or in the UI Editor as a Manual Card

type: 'custom:text-divider-row'
text: divider


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